Monday, September 21, 2009

Fateau Skin Art

I went to a party at The Fateau last weekend. For those of you unfamiliar with it, The Fateau is an earthly garden of delights, inhabited by the most beautiful ladies on the earth. Heather, Ash and Soupy spread their friendliness and mayonnaise to all and sundry. A couple guys reside there, as well. They need constant reminding of what a charmed life they live.

I got to try a new kind of art at the party. Rather than painting pictures of bellies, I got to paint pictures on bellies. It is extremely difficult to draw when you are continuously on the verge of swooning with toe-curling pleasure.

Above, you see Ashley, decorated with a designer burger and a tub-o-mayo. Soupy got a Soupysaurus (with deadly laser beams strapped to its head) doing battle with the dangerous DinoDuck. It was an epic battle, scrolling across an epic belly.

I'm very sad to report that the pictures of Soupy's belly art did not come out. They were too dark to be rescued. Trust me, though, it was wonderful.

Just like the inhabitants of The Fateau.

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